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Though creating a bike storage room can be a daunting task for condo or coop boards and property managers, Velodome's bike parking experts can assist their customers with bike room layouts and rack selection.
The Nevada location includes a defensible space buffer that far exceeds requirements and will house a storage room that can withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees for 3 hours, and has the ability to withstand the area's most common earthquakes.
The second floor has three further bedrooms and a storage room.
It remains unclear whether chemicals were kept in the storage room, and the exact cause of the fire is not yet known.
The bedrooms on the ground floor include ensuite bathrooms and the storage room features built-in cabinets.
The fire damaged the storage room and landing area.
As I was walking around, I suddenly caught sight of something pale green, between the bate black volcanic stones at the very top of the storage room wall.
The storage room was completely consumed," Hicks said.
More storage rooms for wheat and barley attached to temples were discovered, and this year's excavation revealed for the first time a large important storage room built from stones and not mud brick, Serhal said.
The property was completely renovated five years ago and is in "mint condition," according to Mazzeo, with two marble bathrooms, additional storage room and upgraded electrical.
Two suspects have been arrested after a raid on a storage room in Al Qadisiya area
stemmed from separate sexual assaults in August and September 2006 in a fourth-floor storage room at 108 Grove St.