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On liquid storax, found throughout Southeast Asia, he writes, "It is potent in calming the blood and the qi [vital flows], and in expelling malevolence.
In 1839, Eduard Simon, a German apothecary was attempting to separate the components of storax obtained from the Liquiambar orientalis tree by distillation.
In 1995, exporting a number of species, such as storax, bulbs of some natural plants, and species of Orchidaceous in every form, were prohibited by the Export Regime Decision of 1995 (Ozugurlu and Duzgun 2000).
On the one hand, Dersofi's use of technical or unusual terms such as osier (41), storax (55), and godwit (85) without explanation indicates an anticipated scholarly reader.
The perfumed storax or gum tree signifies the inviolate virginity of Mary.
Storax has a variety of uses as an ingredient in perfumes, adhesives and salves.
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Maintained by three Alia Laval Airmax direct expansion unit coolers at a constant -25[degrees]C, the freezer room is equipped with Storax motorised, rolling racking to maximise storage space.