store away

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Spring's around the corner, so store away all that winter black and get into something white, something bright and something pretty.
A HORDE is a crowd or throng; hoard is to store away - so a collection is a hoard (Page 20, April 1).
Only one in four said they would spare the feelings of the giver and store away the unwanted gift and bring it out at appropriate moments in the future.
The plea follows a break-in at the Anglers Arms on Sheepwash Bank, Guide Post in the early hours of Thursday morning in which raiders got away with a collection bottle full of coins and notes Yesterday Northumbria Police asked publicans to remove cash from tills, floats and gaming machines overnight, store away or secure charity boxes and empty them regularly, secure all doors and windows and set alarms.
One universally accepted advantage of pumped energy storage is that it allows you to respond quickly to high energy demands in winter, whilst enabling you to store away surplus energy from spare capacity in summer.
Martyn Pullan, business development manager at The Space Station, said: "More and more house owners are coming to us to store away children's toys, extra books, furniture and personal possessions while they market their house - to make the home look bright, spacious and airy to potential buyers.
Store away most of your personal items such as family photographs.
Try to store away most of the children's toys, even just for the duration you are marketing your property.
They made suggestions on how the building could be improved, including re-siting the bin store away from the entrance to the site, the use of timber gates rather than a barrier and the use of render rather than brick.
Systematically go through everything, in some cases eliminate to worthy charity shops, then store away less urgent items, in readiness for spring.
If you work from home, store away bulky paperwork, records or work-related clutter not needed on a daily basis.
Store away DIY clutter, bikes and so on so that the potential buyer can see the space available to them for their car.