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By picking up your cell phone and playing Shark Hunt, you can make even the coldest and stormiest day feel like paradise," said Ray Schaaf, president of publishing at Sorrent.
Experts say that after the wettest and stormiest winter on record, nature has "hurtled" through the seasons, and hawthorn and even holly berries have already turned red.
Despite just having experienced the wettest winter in England since records began in 1910 and the stormiest UK winter for 20 years, experts believe we could be in for a season of scorching temperatures.
The NHS has had difficult days and, although we have not had the cold weather, we have had the stormiest, wettest winter for very many years.
David Cameron made the comments this week as communities around the UK dealt with aftermath of the stormiest December in records dating back to 1969 and more storms and flooding in the New Year.
Touchstone launched these funds during the stormiest market conditions in recent memory.
Some of the biggest names in the game have floundered at weatherbeaten Birkdale but the Great White Shark has swum through the stormiest ofwaters and followed his par round of day one with another excellent display.
Darren Volvano, 32, disappeared in front of a horrified friend as the two sat on steps eating a takeaway on one of the stormiest nights of the year.
He steered the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company through what was its stormiest waters in the early 1980s.
The warning follows a week of rain across most of Britain as October lived up to its reputation as the stormiest month.
He comes to try to steady the ship after the stormiest three months in Bulmer's recent history.
IRISH actor Colin Farrell's latest love interest has vowed never to wed again after surviving one of Hollywood's stormiest marriages.