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In addition to writing children's books, Jan was widely recognized as a superb storyteller.
Five young storytellers will compete for the title of Storytelling King or Queen on the second day of Inquirer Read-Along Festival on Oct.
Summary: 25 puppetry artists and storytellers are taking part in Sharjah International Narrators Forum
220), depicts a storyteller (or possibly a jester/actor) performing.
The storyteller is a very important person in the community.
If the storyteller succumbs to fear and shuts out the audience, the story dies.
THE STORYTELLER is based on extensive research and provides a fine philosophical novel examining two parallel journeys through the Holocaust: one with a Jewish girl struggling to survive the camps; the other with a German boy who becomes an avid, evil Nazi.
Narayan as " a beautiful storyteller and a fine writer" and Vikram Seth as " hell of a storyteller and a brilliant writer", Archer counts the two his favourites among Indian authors.
East-Nile region inhabitants are great fans of Abu-Zeid, whereas West-Nile dwellers adore Al-Zanaty Khalifa and "any storyteller must keep in mind the preferences of his listeners," said Abdulaziz, adding that the type of audience might affect how the story ends.
BUDDING young writers and storytellers from Atkinson Road Primary Academy - part of the Laidlaw Schools Trust - joined Excelsior for a creative workshop with local storyteller Malcolm Green.
For the first time in Hakaya, the audience has this year had the opportunity to attend a two-hour session with a storyteller, listening to and discussing his/her experience in the field.