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Joined by Brooklyn Beer's brewmaster Garrett Oliver and other stout-hearted folk, Russian Tea Room beverage director Daniel Hartenstein talked about the culinary connection with the stouts, which were served with a selection of hors d'oeuvre, cheeses, dark breads and, ultimately, chocolate.
I don't know, but the stout-hearted intensity of this company provided a conviction of its own.
Although Mill was not immune from occasional infections by germs of Victorian wackiness, this stout-hearted defense of individualism has rendered him a liberal icon.
Take courage and be stout-hearted, all you who hope in the Lord" (31:19,24).
There are some stout-hearted people who profess never to have sung along with the theme tune to Neighbours, worried about how Mavis is going to get along in the Lake District or breathed a sigh of relief when whining Michelle Fowler de-camped to the States.
Thanks to four stout-hearted pacifists in the Robeson County Detention Center in Lumberton, N.
The threat of a year's imprisonment is sufficient to chill the most stout-hearted who wish to challenge the law prohibiting use of the "A" word.
55PM Michael J Fox (below) provides the voice for stout-hearted mouse Stuart Little in a children's comedy of snuggle-up charm.
So while the rest of the country is desperately stockpiling canned soup and bulk-buying snowmobiles, the stout-hearted people of Surrey simply wrap up warm and head to Lingfield.
Beef braised in beer For a stout-hearted British dish, beef braised in beer should certainly fit the bill.
Such uncertainty gives pause to the most stout-hearted banker.
The Sky Blues' joy following their stout-hearted performance over Birmingham almost completely evaporated after they succumbed to Crystal Palace and they'll be keen to secure maximum points, an outcome that could conceivably see them move to within two points of a play-off berth.