stow away

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If they don't find the right part to stow away, they can be crushed when the undercarriage comes up.
The boy had figured in a similar stow away incident last year.
Attempting to stow away in the wheel wells of aircraft is not an unknown practice but is usually fatal due to the severe temperature and pressure conditions when the aircraft is in the air, reports The Associated Press.
The full-extension Stow Away slide is available in a 22-in.
The group of 18 was caught again on Tuesday in Cherbourg while trying to stow away in trucks bound for Britain and Ireland.
At the end of every season, he would stow away his gear and go back to his roots in Hertford, North Carolina, where he had lived all his life and learned about family, friendship, and baseball.
A few years ago, researchers made the converse discovery: A child's cells can stow away in a mother for decades after pregnancy (SN: 2/10/96, p.
Platt and his real life friend, Murder One star Stanley Tucci, play two out- of-work actors who stow away on a boat and have to dress up as women to escape security.
A reservoir lid with tip storage, to keep the reservoir clean and to neatly stow away extra tips