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When the stowaway was asked who he was and why he was hiding, he said that he wanted to migrate to the US and that boarding the plane secretly would help him achieve his objective.
We advise our drivers who realise they have stowaways onboard not to get out but to stay safe in their cab and drive to the nearest control point as there have been cases where the driver has been roughed up.
8,000 Miles the stowaway flew while hiding in the jet's undercarriage
com offices at |Kew Road, Richmond, south west London, after a stowaway plunged to his death from a plane and landed on the offices
While rare, there have been other cases when plane stowaways have plunged to their deaths in west London.
At around 08:30hrs on 18 June police at Heathrow Airport were called to reports of a suspected stowaway on a flight from Johannesburg to Heathrow," they said.
Shortly after the incident, stowaway, who drenched in blood, was taken to the hospital for treatment.
The temperature inside the cramped compartment was below zero and the stowaway was without oxygen while the aircraft was flying 38,000 feet.
VVWHAT they say Shark Hanlon, trainer of Clondaw Farmer and Stowaway Shark is more of a chaser than a bumper type but he should go close if he can get his toe into the ground.
Benji, a body detector dog, alerted his handlers to the presence of people on board and officers searched the Romanian-registered lorry, finding the stowaways hiding among its load of wire coil.
UK Border Agency officers found the 18 men in Calais on August 27 after a specially-trained dog led them to the stowaways.
The car owner drove to Erdington unaware she had a stowaway on board.

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