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Sir Alastair Graham seems a very honest and straightforward man but if he perseveres in his critique of current politicians, he is likely to end up losing his job.
Photo: Peter and Esther Ra offer a straightforward menu of nine items at Tofu Hot in Reseda.
Lord Deedes told the congregation: 'He was the most straightforward and forthright of men, who would deplore any false note struck in his memory.
The Securities Industry Association opposed the plain English proposal, saying company use of straightforward prose should be voluntary rather than mandatory.
Written in a straightforward style that avoids unnecessary jargon and complex mathematics, the text covers all the essentials of dc power systems for telecommunications:
Even a relatively straightforward amusement like ``Guarding Tess'' benefited from the actor's offbeat comic rhythms.
Outsmarting Depression: Surviving The Corssfire Of The Mental Health Wars is a straightforward self-help guide by journalist and mental health advocate Debbie Thurman, herself a "psychiatric survivor" of Major Depressive Disorder.
Property owners should wake up and protest the sneaky way the Community College District is planning to increase their property tax bills without putting their project before the voters in an honest, straightforward fashion.
From Why to What Next: A Straightforward Presentation of Global Warming
Written for children's librarians of all experience levels from novice to seasoned, Outstanding Library Service to Children delivers distilled expertise in straightforward, no-nonsense terms with examples, suggested reading lists, and an index for quick and easy reference.
All words are present in context in a continuous story, and straightforward definitions plus sentences that clearly illustrate their usage.