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The straightness of the legs of models who advertise leg stockings and lingerie is notable.
The Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows are high quality with a straightness tolerance of .
As Choi is course record-holder with an 11- under-par 62 in 2003 and claims his new giant square-headed driver has added length and straightness to his tee-game - it certainly worked in his Chrysler victory in Florida two months ago - he could have a good week.
And they respect my straightness as I respect them.
Most of the downtown bars are geared toward straight people, they reaffirm straightness and gender roles, and it's a touristic experience for people, a safe experience cast as something exotic and gay that really reflects comforting (straight) gender roles.
Then using Microionics straighteners, she created sections of curls and straightness before finishing with hairspray.
Whether you want soft, bouncy curls or crisply ironed straightness, this magic gadget delivers.
To ensure high-quality printing, those tubes must meet stringent requirements for surface smoothness, roundness and straightness at micron-levels.
The Fixturlaser Shaft 200 expands on the 100 by incorporating alignment of machines with OL2R fixtures, machine train alignment and straightness measurement.
Acquire a 20-fold reduction in the manufacturing tolerance for barrel straightness.
Quick and precise measurements of machinery rail straightness, parallelism, surface flatness, and Other alignments are now possible with this versatile new kit.
When combined with the bent needle detection option, the system maintains process integrity by minimizing the potential for product damage or scrap by automatically verifying the straightness of the needle.