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2 : to stretch beyond a proper limit <The story strains the truth.
Differentiation of these strains from the Oka vaccine strain is necessary and can be achieved only by molecular typing methods.
To model that reaction, Katze and his colleagues infected groups of mice with one of four viruses: the reconstructed 1918 flu strain, either of two strains constructed to carry subsets of the 1918 flu's genes, or a contemporary flu strain.
These types of evaluations and responses need to be done at strain levels and temperatures where the material is structurally and thermally stable, within an acceptable exposure time frame.
After phenotyping the mice, the embryos are frozen--unless a client asks for more detailed studies on the strain.
To be effective, the nonvirulent virus used to make an influenza vaccine must match the genetic makeup of the viral strain that is circulating in the human population.
We're just trying to figure everything out,'' said Strain, 23.
The specimens were twisted clockwise up to a strain value at a constant strain rate of 2.
The H5N1 strain of bird flu swept through 10 Asian countries early this year, resulting in the death or slaughter of over 100 million chickens and the deaths of more than 20 people.
In cyclic loading, the Ramberg-Osgood stress-strain relationship for the strain hardening exponent (n) and the strength coefficient (K) typically changes as the material hardens, or softens, until a stable state is reestablished.
HIV-I strains that infect macrophages (macrophage-tropic isolates) are responsible for person-to-person transmission and are the predominant virus type during the clinical latency phase.