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The Crazy Stupid Love singer is said to be taking the strain off Cowell, 55, by keeping morale up at the ITV talent show, helped by new judges Nick Grimshaw, 30, and Rita Ora, 24.
His only hope of playing again was to manage the condition by taking strain off the lower back.
When properly placed, the weight of the ladder is displaced allowing your ladder to easily maneuver and keep strain off of your back.
Chill and then strain off the vanilla pods and seeds.
The 23 year old netted 12 goals in 28 starts for Sociedad in that temporary loan spell and was subsequently sold in the summer of 2012 as the north Londoners looked to take strain off their wage bill.
However, the authorities appear to be hoping that funds will start being raised in the local capital markets, taking some of the strain off banks and helping address maturity mismatches stemming from long term project finance needs.
With customers looking for the best all-round deals, Better By Miles is confident that not only will the range please on price but, more than that, they will take some of the strain off the running costs that so many businesses are having to bear on a day-to-day basis.
I am one of the lucky ones with power, water, phone and sewerage, so I am trying to do as many hours as I can to take a bit of the strain off those with only some, or none, of these things.
Mix a slurry of equal parts manure and water, and strain off 2 cups of liquid.
Rod said Ruby was going to sing a few songs to take the strain off him a bit.