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Even the most straitlaced among us have surely wondered: In zero gravity, what kinds of Cirque du Solar System permutations could one perform with a partner in flagrante dolicto?
And to think I abandoned Asheville, my hometown, for straitlaced New York City
In a bid to woo more tourists, the government has launched efforts in recent years to shed the country's straitlaced image with bold moves -- lifting a longstanding ban on casinos and allowing a cabaret featuring topless dancing to open recently.
Although the black literary tradition is by no means straitlaced and anti-erotic, the publication of Erotique Noire, with its well presented mix of selections flora a wide range of writers, marked the first time that crotica was the focal point of a collection by black writers, announcing "Here we are, speaking our own truths.
Within days, their wild excesses banned by the official fraternities are a magnet for students and straitlaced dean Gordon Pritchard (Jeremy Piven) is scheming to have them evicted, by any means.
In the meantime, what seems to be nearly extinct is any appreciation of diverse cultural norms in the workplace--of the fact that some work environments may be relatively straitlaced while others may be raunchy and freewheeling, and that people unhappy with the culture of their current job might simply seek other employment.
Indeed, "[William] Westmoreland, the straitlaced and, on the whole, unimaginative commander would not have lasted four and a half years in command under Lincoln.
Such a straitlaced prig would, of course, be repulsed by errant hair, but Louise's attention and a lot of surreptitious shaving sessions keep the stubbly truth from him long enough for love to bloom.
Big-style pushers poisoning the minds of otherwise wholesome, straitlaced suburban teens.
Iran's youth, who can vote at age 16, have helped transform the political landscape in this often-dreary and straitlaced nation.
As a killer who again forces himself on his partner, the role's a far cry from his straitlaced cameo opposite a dim Keanu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic (imagine what a perverse coupling that might have been).
And when straitlaced Japanese Customs men saw Mark's cold front they impounded the lot of them immediately.