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Aerodynamics data for 4 cases are presented here: baseline, inflowing rear rims, sharper diffuser, and strakes.
The material of under covers, front strake and rear strake was changed to CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) to reduce their deformation.
I thought we were for transparency in government," Strake told the Tribune.
At the start of halftime of the first game in the Special Olympics soccer tournament Saturday, Ventura County Dragons player Peter Strake was ecstatic about the goal he'd made to help put his team in the lead against the Lakewood Bears.
Joseph ofrecera un seminario el 29 de abril a las 10:30 de la manana en la sala de conferencias del piso ocho en el edificio George Strake (1919 La Branch), en el que el Dr.
Bothe and BrandExtract support many local professional and nonprofit organizations, such as Strake Jesuit, Cristo Rey and AIGA
P repair works and painting on-board MV mohit shipside sheer strake port stbd and transom area existing fenders to be removed (including all materials and labour charges)
Aviation Partners' latest Winglet design, the Split Scimitar[R] Winglet, uses existing Blended Winglet technology but adds new aerodynamic Scimitar tips and a large ventral strake, further increasing the efficiency of the airplane.
The Strake Foundation, headed by Republican stalwart George Strake, has given $30,000 to American Phoenix since the group's founding in 2010, according to IRS filings with Guidestar.
The Vantage N400 also includes a number of exterior design changes including a revised side sill design, Magnum Silver bonnet and side strake meshes, clear rear lamp lenses and a bright-finish grille.
Historically, helical strake devices have been the only choice for installation during S-Lay operations.
As air flows past the chimney, the strake chops up the airflow and creates vortexes at various places along the cylinder.