strange occurrence

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Such is my journal of what relates to this strange occurrence up to the present day.
Madam," answered the rector, in great perplexity, "this strange occurrence brings to my mind a marriage sermon of the famous Bishop Taylor, wherein he mingles so many thoughts of mortality and future woe, that, to speak somewhat after his own rich style, he seems to hang the bridal chamber in black, and cut the wedding garment out of a coffin pall.
With her arm locked in that of Miss Grant, the young mistress of the mansion walked slowly up and down the hall, musing on scenes that were rapidly recurring to her memory, and possibly dwelling, at times, in the sanctuary of her thoughts, on the strange occurrences that had led to the introduction to her father’s family of one whose Manners so singularly contradicted the inferences to be drawn from his situation.
Beyond all measure astonished by the strange occurrences which had passed with so much violence and rapidity, the locksmith gazed upon the shuddering figure in the chair like one half stupefied, and would have gazed much longer, had not his tongue been loosened by compassion and humanity.
As he thought deeply upon the strange occurrences of the night, he witnessed another remarkable happening.
A malevolent entity that may be attached to a ten-year-old girl and a strange occurrence at the historic Rookery House.
The reasons behind this strange occurrence was not the wind or the ice, which was previously thought to be the likely causes.
There's no real mystery concerning a strange occurrence, despite what other people might think.
This strange occurrence is offset by the Indian Ocean where the water is substantially warmer than normal.
Another strange occurrence, which has not been explained, was that while all the six athletes were administered the same supplement by the coach and were tested positive for methandienone, the samples of Mandeep and Tiana also showed traces of stanozolol even as all the samples were taken around the same time.
Getting a price on this strange occurrence was not easy, but an independent on the outskirts of Swanage offered 50s.
Another strange occurrence is that some people claim that these elections are fraudulent while simultaneously advocating that people participate in them to uphold their constitutional rights.