strange person

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I was sorry for Ginger, but of course I knew very little then, and I thought most likely she made the worst of it; however, I found that as the weeks went on she grew much more gentle and cheerful, and had lost the watchful, defiant look that she used to turn on any strange person who came near her; and one day James said, "I do believe that mare is getting fond of me, she quite whinnied after me this morning when I had been rubbing her forehead.
Strange person - yet perhaps not so very different from ourselves.
If a strange person comes near the place he simply loses his head.
A strange person was in the low, dark space whom he had never smelled.
Catherick is rather a strange person in her manners, but extremely respectable-looking.
All night he fancied himself in some extraordinary society of strange persons.
So, Mr Geronimo, a gardener, finds that his feet no longer touch the ground; graphic novelist Jimmy Kapoor wakes up in his bedroom to find a strange person resembling his own cartoon character; a self- loathing Teresa Saca brings out "white forking voltage" from her fingertips; and, an abandoned baby wrapped in India's National Flag gets the ability to identify corruption.
He said first, he killed the strange person outside his house and then went to his own home and shot dead his wife inside at the same time.
Hill, who lived in Wolverhampton at the time, said: "In terms of these accusations, I wouldn't know, but he was a strange person.
Sometimes he is a strange person, but he is a really fantastic coach - and that's the important part, isn't it?
My school never has had a strange person on campus with a gun, and having an armed guard would make me feel less safe because I would know there was a gun on campus.
She runs into a strange person who is acting like her life time salvation for her street life, but she finds out he is scarier, after her street encounter.