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STRANGELY enough, when I returned from my stint on the air at Manchester City's thrilling Champions League win in Moenchengladbach, I did NOT go through the red Customs channel and declare ownership of a gilet.
Strangely enough, on September 13, Cox and Slattery play each other in the Colne Valley Merit, having been the last two out of the hat.
Strangely enough, Jimmy Cricket's "simple Irishman" routine was seen as okay and was shown on television
DEAR Editor, One thousand council jobs to go in Birmingham, but strangely enough not one councillor is losing their job.
Strangely enough, she finds her snack basket of strawberries is just the treat to perk Perry up.
It was, strangely enough, a 1973 British strike causing electricity outages which paused his computer-based research--and caused him to focus on writing The Selfish Gene.
Personally, I have always enjoyed the challenge of learning and, strangely enough, this is how mankind and civilization develop, evolve and flourish.
strangely enough I was working on some tapes this evening - with William Orbit.
Strangely enough, despite calls for spending public money on creating a coastal path, there is already public access along the vast majority of the North East coast.
CD Review All of the tracks were self-recorded during the sessions held in various garages, offices, practice rooms and, strangely enough, a 26-bed haunted house in Lincoln.
Strangely enough, Bongo was arrested and charged when he visited Kenya in September for an exclusive interview with KTN's probe team.
STRANGELY enough, I find myself with some sympathy for the Tory Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, when he was refused to exit the Downing Street main gate on his bike (as he was usually allowed to do), although I would certainly condemn swearing at the police