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Strangest tidbit: If you want to get into taxidermy in order to impress Teddy Roosevelt, you have to first murder an animal and then be cleared by a jury of its peers.
com/6-strange-pieces-of-sports-memorabil ia-people-actually-paid-for), which details in pretty clever terms what it considers to be six of the strangest items people bought.
The crew described it as "one of the strangest special services" they have ever completed.
PARTICK THISTLE boss Alan Archibald last night revealed this is the strangest time of his managerial career.
Hotelier has compiled a list of the top 20 strangest hotel requests.
Check out some of the oddest recent lawsuits that InsideCounsel has found: 6 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines 5 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines 6 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines
This is the strangest thing to happen since Robert Downey Jr.
ANDY SERKIS, below, has revealed he gets asked to do his Gollum voice in the strangest places.
Confusion over the alleged sighting of a lion in Essex has prompted us to ask, what's the strangest thing you've ever seen?
Summary: Television presenter and chat show host Jonathan Ross reveals the strangest thing he has ever done with a celebrity.