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Aspiration of blood was an effective method for the removal of a wedding ring strangulating a penis that had been applied for erotic purposes.
With oil prices thankfully having collapsed from the summer's strangulating all-time high, it seems it's having a hard time of it.
And by so doing, they justify the criticism that the entire system of regulation is unduly burdensome, expensive, strangulating, and anti-competitive in the world marketplace.
The spokesman condemning the prolonging of the imprisonment of Yasin Malik and JKLF zonal president Noor Mohammad Kalwal said that the so-called rulers were busy strangulating Kashmiris' voices by choking political space, detaining and house arresting resistance leaders, beating and torturing young and old, vandalizing and looting public and private properties.
According to police sources, acting on a tip off, a police party reached the site and took the body into the custody which was damped after strangulating to death by unknown men.
The duo then killed the girl by strangulating her with a dupatta and threw her body into a nullah.
Summary: DUBAI - The Court of First Instance on Tuesday heard the case of a man charged with strangulating his girlfriend and then dumping her body in a manhole.