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Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies of the world after crisis," he said adding that Turkey's strategical importance improved with important projects.
The changes we have made are strategical and part of the first phase of our development," explained Wales head coach Kris de Scossa.
Russia is interested to have it go through Bulgaria because this is the best route in terms of economic and strategical feasibility.
The Communique called on to strengthen the common cooperation between Turkey and Arab countries in the economic, trade, culture, education, media and tourism fields in addition to the establishment of supreme strategical councils to activate such cooperation between the two sides.
While "easy cuts" can be found in England through reforming quangos like the regional development agencies - organisations that cover strategical planning and investment - that cannot be replicated in Wales because they do not exist, Hywel Williams warned.
Mentally I devised a revision timetable for myself in the two months leading up to Torquay: time would be set aside for tactical, strategical and endgame revision plus, of course, study of my new opening weapon.
The rent is cheap in comparison to the other markets and the location of the market is strategical.
From a strategical standpoint, De La Hoya will probably try to impose his power on Forbes.
Yet by strategical machinations succeeds in lowering the number of entrants.
This stage means the alignment of the strategical and operational objectives and generated the plans of action.
However Jenks believes that in order to maximise these benefits it is critical that field marketing forms part of a structured strategical campaign.
It was hailed as a masterpiece of strategical certainty and the legend is embellished by the fact that Woods never once went into a bunker.

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