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ModelTool(k)it was brought to market in August 2014 through a strategic alliance between ERS and Matrix Financial Solutions, which offers access to the ERS Fund Strategist Network.
The strategist in uniform provides advice to political authorities in the development of national policy (what is to be achieved) and national strategy (how to achieve it).
The worst scares for financial institution stability may have passed last month, but riskier markets such as stocks and junk bonds may have further to drop, Lehman strategists said.
In addition, he notes that Machining Strategist is very useful in the quoting process.
Rosenberg hints at a second Democratic deficit: The party has no truly brilliant strategists in positions of power.
If the turnout actually drops to the 35 percent range or below, as now appears possible, Republican strategists figure they will be able to significantly expand their control in the Senate, improve their position in the House, maintain dominance of the nation's governorships, and win a sufficient number of state legislatures to guarantee control of the redistricting process that will follow the 2000 census.
Citi Private Bank has announced that it has named an investment strategist.
Galvin, the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and Commander-in-Chief, US European Command at the time, argued for the return of uniformed strategists in his article, "What's the Matter with Being a Strategist?
The quiet hand of the Vice President will guide the process," the same strategist said.
Meanwhile, on the Republican side strategists think more in terms of narrative.
The `old economy' stocks are not doing well and the `new economy' stocks are hitting new highs,'' said Al Kugel, senior investment strategist at Stein Roe & Farnham in Chicago.

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