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No difference of overall strategy use or specific strategy use was found between the two groups in the post-exam interview.
Be clear, in advance, about who in your company is going to manage your globalization strategy.
Not only is this contribution an important one as companies face an increasingly uncertain future, it can make or break the formulation and execution of a successful strategy.
For example, it is increasingly common for marketing strategy to identify market segments that are sophisticated and demanding--often requiring technical knowledge that some more traditional salespeople may not possess.
Such a logistics strategy seeks to provide many possible logistics and distribution options, depending on customer need, without an undue increase in costs.
For the equalizer strategy, matching gestures consisted of a hand sweep under the left side of a written equation, a drop of the hand, and then a hand sweep under the right side.
This lack of clarity over the relationship of the sales and investment strategies at most insurers has facilitated sales managers taking the lead in establishing their strategies without significant consideration of investment strategy needs.
Kaplan's and Norton's books will help a strategist become more effective at strategy execution.
Sue has attempted to use a primary control strategy that aimed to selectively optimize her role and skills as a mediator by changing her employers' expectations and demands in the face of a threat to her vocational identity and has failed in this attempt.
This strategy calls the classroom teacher' s attention to the frequency in which the student with ADHD receives negative comments or even punishments.
Staying in your lane" is a fine principle to follow on the battlefield to prevent friendly fire casualties, but that mentality can inhibit the creative approach to strategy development that is necessary for optimum integration with the country team.