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And, further to tempt him, the very last chapter of Labour Tactics and Strategy remained unwritten for lack of a trifle more of essential data which he had neglected to gather.
You must use a little strategy," said a Philosopher to whom the Successful Man of Business had reported the Thief's haughty reply.
That is to spring to close quarters with an unseen enemy--the strategy of despair!
In spite of all this cautious strategy, which I managed to defeat as soon as I had any temptation to do so, the kind old man was a second father to me.
Even that little business last month was a sordid affair, but it was necessary, and I think its strategy redeemed it to some extent.
There's just so much dirty weather knocking about the world, and the proper thing is to go through it with none of what old Captain Wilson of the Melita calls 'storm strategy.
A learning strategy is defined as the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, or emotions of a learner that influence their ability to acquire, understand, or later transfer knowledge and skills (Weinstein, Husman, & Dierking, 2000).
In the auto supply sector, the mantra of becoming a "global" supplier is repeated so frequently that few question it as a core element of world-class strategy.
In what can be viewed as the proverbial which-comes-first, chicken or egg scenario, businesses continue to grapple with a fundamental issue: Should a business strategy be formulated prior to conducting an enterprisewide risk assessment, or vice versa?
Marketing Strategy Should Give Direction to the Selling Effort.
Before one can consider logistics efficiency improvements and cost reductions, consider the basics of logistics strategy, and how this fits with overall business strategy and goals.