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The case manager has primary responsibility for patient stratification, say 74 percent of respondents; for 9 percent of respondents, health coaches and primary care physicians have primary responsibility.
For warm stratification treatment seeds were incubated in the same way at 25/10[degrees]C (12/12 h).
Mechanical scarification without stratification induced the highest germination percentage (70.
3] This consensus statement included details on a risk stratification scheme for a common definition of low- intermediate- and high-risk non-metastatic prostate cancer in the pre-therapy setting.
Such links at the local level are then supplanted or even suppressed when the monarchy is established, and it is at that point, as Lemos shows in her study, that stratification becomes more rigid and dowry would be a more logical marriage gift.
Variance among stratum-specific abundance estimates does not contribute to the sampling variance of the total population estimate, and thus, even poor stratification will usually improve precision compared to simple random sampling (Cochran 1977, Gasaway et al.
Mundt (1996) found that a relevant mechanism affecting the temperature stratification level in a DV system was of the heat flow from the warm ceiling to the floor through radiation and the consequent convective heat flow from the floor to the adjacent air layer.
seeds contained within the anthocarp and not subjected to stratification, scarification, or a chemical treatment served as the control.
The structure of such coatings created during phase separation and stratification of polymers may be of a heteromicrophase or of a two- or multiphase nature.
A more appropriate tool for pre-exercise screening of exercise readiness in community settings might be the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) risk stratification for exercise professionals.