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Strayer has the resources and the experience to provide a world-class education to our employees and their families.
2) While the first part is largely descriptive, the second part is reflective, as Strayer ruminates over the influences and forces behind the constitution and patriation, as well as the emerging implications for Canadians and Canada's legal and political institutions.
Strayer's revenue comes from tuition payments and fees paid by, or on behalf of, Strayer University students.
We are proud to partner with an organization like TeleTech to help them attract and retain strong talent by offering employees this pathway to college without debt," said Karl McDonnell, chief executive officer of Strayer Education.
PHOTO Rotarians Paul Miller, left, and Dick Strayer stand in a part of Corriganville Park set to be a picnic area.
Now in our third year offering financial management courses to professional football players, we continue to be committed to helping the players and their families," said Karl McDonnell, chief operating officer, Strayer Education, Inc.
Employees of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT dealerships will have the unique opportunity to earn a no-cost, no-debt college degree through Strayer University's Degrees@Work program, developed in collaboration with FCA US LLC.
While clinic services will not be free, those who cannot afford to pay money can work at the clinic for a few hours to pay off their debt, Strayer said.
Stallard joined Strayer University after serving as an academician at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, most recently as dean of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.
Strayer University is honored to partner with Verizon Wireless to provide the best possible educational experience for its employees," said Karl McDonnell, chief operating officer for Strayer University.
Plater will focus on setting the academic agenda for the University, overseeing the development of dynamic educational programs that provide Strayer University students with the academic achievements needed to compete in a complex global economy and identifying top faculty who bring diverse professional and academic perspectives to the classroom.
Kennedy, 49, who is earning an MBA with a concentration in marketing at Strayer University's Takoma Park campus.