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Recovery of 44 and 27 isolates, respectively in cows and buffaloes was common to both streak canal swab and quarter foremilk samples (contemporaneous association).
Keywords: Streak canal infections; Intramammary infections; Contemporaneous association; Cows and buffaloes; Mastitis
Microorganisms associated with mastitis almost invariably enter the udder through the streak canal (ductus papillaris), which is the orifice of mammary gland between internal milk secretary system and the external environment (Milne, 1977; Frandson et al.
Owing to its proximity to the external environment, streak canal a priori is very prone to develop infections.
The results of analysis of variance for teat diameter, teat length and streak canal length in infected and healthy buffaloes are presented in Table 2.
The results of teat length, teat diameter (apex, middle, and base) and streak canal length in cattle are presented in Table II.
0001) in quarters with small teat and streak canal length and large teat diameter.