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They sat through a series of weird and wonderful performances as brave streakers raced onto the centre circle, baring nearly all in a bid to impress.
It causes a media storm, discussed on DJ Robson's Night Owls show and Horne's Metro Radio breakfast show, and with the authorities determined to arrest the culprit, Alex, who quickly works out the identity of the streaker as his sibling, decides to help Sam stage one last streak at a top match, for charity.
In the second half, Christof Chalilopolous (Newlands) and skipper Carlton McCabe (Acklam Grange) scored further goals before the streaker appeared.
My favourite streaker of all time was 34-year-old housewife Michelle Newton, who paraded at the Stadium Of Light in 2001 during Sunderland's match against Man United.
Henry blasted the male streaker whose 66th-minute intrusion caused a painfully long stoppage and disrupted Welsh concentration which let South Africa win 28-20.
He noted: "I didn't see the four minute board go up to be honest, but looking back now at the streaker running on the pitch, it could have been a lot less time.
I'd been thinking about it before that clown, that streaker, came over.
After the end game, the best streaker will be nominated.
Sources have revealed the identity of the streaker to be Ron Simon, the self-proclaimed "World's Best Drummer".
A SUN-SEEKING streaker making the most of the summer weather by wearing just a rucksack and boots sent police on a frenzied helicopter trip round two Gwent towns.
TEN-MAN Queen of the South took another step towards Division One despite seeing their winning run ended by dour Berwick - but it took a streaker to liven up the contest.