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1, 2005 launch date for streamlined registration, however, neither the CSP nor CAS method was available, leaving some potential registrants wondering what to do.
The streamlined look, often with horizontal chrome strips as on cars and trains, became popular for toasters, furniture, radios, clocks, fridges and tableware.
To help Daiwa, EMG streamlined its due diligence reports, summarizing information in succinct tables and condensing narrative to need-to-know information only.
We continue to believe that the volume or format of the information requested on the form can be streamlined (including, for example, the reporting of information in functional currency) without adversely affecting the IRS's ability to identify taxpayers for audit or to conduct meaningful examinations.
The streamlined approval process can be utilized at RFI's labs in UK and Korea.
Citicorp's Federal tax compliance team has streamlined its operations through the use of the Domestic Tax Management System (DTMS) module.
We understand how much of a burden you can create for agents by making what seems like a very basic procedural or product change, and their need for streamlined processes and systems," Foster said.
This streamlined process provides substantially faster online forms processing and helps the VHA comply with the Government Paper Elimination Act and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
We developed VisiRetention to help mortgage bankers make well informed, streamlined and targeted campaign decisions to increase their success rates and remain compliant with auditors.
iConclude Repair System is the new foundation for Transporeon's streamlined IT infrastructure processes, automating the majority of all IT operations related to supporting TISYS and ensuring the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction.
Those that can benefit most from streamlined processes are less able to implement the necessary technology without first proving the return on investment.
NYSE: FDC) company, today announced its flagship products -- Taxware Enterprise and TaxSolver -- have achieved certification from the states that are members of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.

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