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To address this issue, one of the bedrocks of the streamlined effort has been the promise of free compliance systems for voluntary registrants.
3) The sweeping plant-like curves of Art Nouveau had given way to the streamlined aerodynamic curves of aircraft and cars, and, more emphatically, a hard-nosed geometric angularity reflecting industrial engines of the early twentieth century.
To help lenders keep fees competitive, our streamlined small loan program protocols satisfy lenders' risk tolerances.
Accordingly, we believe Schedule L can be streamlined to request only summary data.
While Penn National Insurance was ranked in the top five personal lines carriers, taking the number two spot, the company is committed to continually strengthening its agency relationships, and according to John Foster, vice president of Personal Lines, streamlined and seamless technology is part of those relationships.
The technical assistance was provided and additional technical assistance on the development of a streamlined policy manual was requested and granted.
The Citicorp evaluation team discovered that the first step toward improved and streamlined operations involved a complete redefinition of the corporate tax department.
Adobe Reader 8 features a new, streamlined interface with user customizable toolbars.
Promote State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency self-evaluations in order to identify and promote the adoption and use of policies and procedures that result in a Streamlined Service Delivery System focused on "employment outcomes.
We developed VisiRetention to help mortgage bankers make well informed, streamlined and targeted campaign decisions to increase their success rates and remain compliant with auditors.
The seamless integration of iConclude's Repair System with Mercury SiteScope gives customers a streamlined, automated incident management process from incident detection, triage, and diagnosis to repair and alert clearing.
iConclude Repair System is the new foundation for Transporeon's streamlined IT infrastructure processes, automating the majority of all IT operations related to supporting TISYS and ensuring the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction.

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