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He said it was also responsibility of the religious figures to strengthen hands of the government in its efforts to restore law and order across the country.
One person I spoke to said: "It is true we want independence and don't want to be part of India, but by staying away from polling booths we will only strengthen hands of those who are promoting a Pakistani agenda in Jammu and Kashmir, and are gettingewards for this.
As a PGA Professional I myself use the HeartFlex to strengthen hands, arms, and chest for golfing activities.
To strengthen hands spread the fingers as far as possible then make a fist.
He urged media to strengthen hands of NAB in creating a corruption free society.
The Prime Minister said there was unanimity of views at the trilateral summit in Ankara that they all had to strengthen hands of the Afghan government.
PESHAWAR -- PMLN Candidate for PK-8 constituency and Provincial Additional General Secretary Arbab Akbar Hayat Saturday asked the people to strengthen hands of PMLN leadership for getting the country rid of the present difficult challenges.
Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that Pakistan was facing menace of extremism and there was need to strengthen hands of the government.
This, beyond doubt, he added, is worst type of act of terrorism and the elements involved in the inhuman act, are out to strengthen hands of the enemies of the country and bring bade name for the nation.

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