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As Ava grows, she will need to have new strengtheners to fit her feet.
There are tables crammed with blushers and eye shadows in every imaginable colour, and pots of face cream and nail varnishes that sit among dozens of hair brushes, strengtheners and cans of super-fix spray.
All in all, the collaboration between text and movement is harmonious, the chorus doing their proverbial time as supporters and strengtheners of the plot.
Placing a film coating on a seed enables the safe and dust-free incorporation of treatment chemicals such as fungicides and insecticides, nutrients and plant strengtheners, and color and effect pigments, and can also improve the plantability (seed flow through seed planters) and performance of the seed.
Coun John Lines (Con, Bartley Green) said: "The maisonettes in Bangham Pit were the worst in the world - concrete and little else, with metal strengtheners open to the elements.
However, of course almost all plastics involve the addition of all kinds of chemicals from dyes to rigidity strengtheners and mold release additives to artificial fillers, and these substances will have to be registered and their uses controlled under REACH.
Exercise: Wrist flexion and extension strengtheners
Loch Lomond and the Open were mental strengtheners for me and got me back on track.
Problem nails need extra care and attention but now there are almost as many products to treat your talons as there are for your face - Nailoid, Sally Hansen and Barielle (for stockists call 020 7636 0234) all have wide ranges with everything from nail masks to instant strengtheners to stainremoving products.
The material is then placed in the moulds, produced to the correct size and shape and coated with strengtheners and finishers.
So they've invented the first-ever Nail Hardener Pen - a combination of nail strengtheners, plus conditioning eucalyptus and lemon oils, in a nifty pen-shaped applicator you can pop into your bag and whip out when you've time to do a mini manicure.

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