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There were no significant differences in physical activity by IPAQ questionnaire or physical strenuousness of work, subjective health status, and smoking habits between genotype groups before the military training (data not shown).
Service filled pages with speeches, sermons, and poems that made strenuousness and virility the highest virtues of western Christian manhood.
Depending on the strenuousness of one's belief in Catholic doctrine, conforming to the standards of the English Church was heretical, as recusants maintained, because it necessarily entailed denial of the pope's authority.
This study assessed the effects and strenuousness of intensive gait-oriented rehabilitation in patients with acute stroke.
Yet, he believed that the institution of warfare historically sustained a set of important virtues--"manly virtues" he called them--namely, courage, discipline, strenuousness, pride, and a willingness to engage in self-sacrifice for the common good.
We merged into the NLSY two measures of job-related strenuousness to investigate whether these affected rates of reported injuries or filing.
The strenuousness of the practice was assessed by self-reported "rating of perceived exertion" in a graduated scale format immediately after each practice.
At certain moments, Eliot seems to be staging his despair, in order to call attention to the moral strenuousness that allegedly distinguishes the moderns from the Victorians--their determination, as he puts it in the brief essay "The Lesson of Baudelaire," "to arrive at a point of view toward good and evil.
In the first "pubescent" stage, "sensuality is aimless"; in the second stage the poet's sensuality is still "chained to the strenuousness of the pubescent, yet aspires to something which subsequently is defined in the dramatic.
There is a castrating violence in the repetitive steadiness of the work, and the sweat shows the disproportionate strenuousness of the gesture burdened with anger: "With the smallest knife I snipped the pointed ends of the beans, then pulled the spine strings, trying to pull all across each bean in one draw, then snap the beans in three, not fast but steady in my work, not once wiping from my forehead drops of sweat falling in my eyes while Alice, stretching, walked down the stairs of the porch to the pump, doused her head" ("Bounty" 306).
In either place it would have disappointed, Mitchell apparently out-of-sorts with its stamina-sapping strenuousness, limp in the reinforced accents with which the composer propels his material, and forced to stop in the first movement, finding trouble negotiating the same corner at the second attempt.
Second, advocates of spiritual direction would argue from personal experience that the hard work of sanctification does not bypass the Cross--indeed, the strenuousness of the effort lies in its requirement that we embrace the Cross rightly.