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In addition, at this time we never found dead or injured Floridobolus in the approximately 100 traps containing large carnivorous carabid beetles, Pasimachus strenuus LeConte, or in about 30 traps containing very large lycosid spiders, Hogna osceola (Gertsch and Wallace).
nihonkaiense is the freshwater zooplanktonic copepod Cyclops strenuus (15), whether freshwater is the place of transmission of the parasite from the copepod to salmon remains controversial.
76) G1:322 (Greek slightly amended): an interpreter must "trace the metamorphoses which in Greek the words aner, anthropos, agathos, kalos, philokalos, kalok'agathos, kakos, epicheiretes, and in Latin vir, homo, bonus and melior and optimus, honestus, pulcher and liberalis, strenuus and such national words have undergone, which were the honor of their age, and changed with it.
Nec silentio pretereundus est strenuus in armis vir ille er illustrissimi dominii veneti felicis exercirus olim gloriosus imperator, Gattamelata, qui in hello etiam nostro in tempore tantum florvit, ur etiam victor fortunatus evaserir.
She continues to portray him as virtuous in a typically masculine way, often through adjectives that directly oppose those by which she has described herself and through descriptive phrases that would not be applied to women: he is `venerabilis' and `venerandus', `eruditus', `ille belliger Christi miles' (`the valiant soldier of Christ'), `ille inclitus Christi anthletus' (`the renowned athlete of God'), `ille strenuus almi Dei anthletus' (`the vigorous athlete of benevolent God').
Because Plan Finder doesn't lend itself to easy competitive analysis, MFA updates Medicare Benefits Analyzer[TM] each year with data partner Strenuus LLC to help companies with this essential market analysis.
To help Medicare companies with this essential market analysis, Mark Farrah Associates (MFA), in partnership with Strenuus LLC, organizes Plan Finder data in an easy-to-use database, Medicare Benefits Analyzer[TM].
To support plans preparing for the 2011 Medicare bid process, MFA in partnership with Strenuus maintains the Medicare Benefits Analyzer (TM).
MFA in partnership with Strenuus organized the 2009 and 2010 plan information in its new Medicare Benefits Analyzer (TM)(MBA)product.
Mark Farrah Associates' new Medicare Benefits Analyzer product, developed in partnership with Strenuus, is a customer requested database tool for comprehensive, comparative analysis of Medicare plan benefits by geographic market.
MFA and Strenuus will launch the product in September to be positioned for the timely capture of 2010 benefits detail that CMS will release on or around October 9th.