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Apart from the roots, 'journal, 'novel, 'lemon, 'cannon, and 'colon, carrying first-syllable stress, root words with second-syllable stress are included and they are Ne'pal, Su'dan, and se'rene.
We become accustomed to it, and we often do not notice our stress levels until our coping mechanisms are overloaded.
Thus, somewhat unexpectedly, the surface stress in the investigated tempered glass panels was practically equal to the edge stress.
My advice to both men and women is to pay attention to what causes their stress and to find healthy ways of managing it.
Constant stress floods the body with stress hormones, which can increase the risk of serious health problems.
Also, the ARC 2020 calculates shear stress from the pressure transducer inserted into the barrel at a low position and from a load cell connected to the piston.
Color patterns or variances can pinpoint areas of high stress and inconsistent performance.
It turns out that physicians who handle stress better engage more consistently and more effectively in six kinds of conversations that strengthen their social support systems and give them a greater sense of efficacy.
Although all students (and faculty) are vulnerable to the effects of stress, different factors may mediate the impact of stress on health.
Exercise: Regular physical activity can help reduce stress.
Occupational or job stress refers to a psychosocial condition which encompasses the interaction between the worker and his work environment.
Get to the root cause of the stress, pluck it out, cut it off as soon as possible.