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Baghdad in Iraq is deemed the most stressful of all, notching a terrible 10 of 10, with Kabul in Afghanistan coming in second.
Participants who had experienced a greater number of stressful events were found to score poorly at these tasks, indicating a loss of cognitive function.
Zuelsdorff said, they were asked to complete a questionnaire concerning 27 different stressful life events.
The team examined data for 1320 people who reported stressful experiences over their lifetime and underwent thinking and memory tests.
So all of this stuff that I'd already done in the first year - it's stressful, really stressful.
Getting their mortgage agreed in principle is also deemed stressful by 28% of home buyers surveyed, while deciding which solicitor to use is seen as an added strain by 27%.
A divorce was the only major life event in the survey which people considered to be more distressing than buying or selling a property, with nearly eight in 10 (78%) people surveyed who had been divorced saying they found the process stressful.
About 36% of people in the survey find commuting stressful compared to 29% of people who identified work itself as the most stressful part of their day.
Journalists complete the top three most stressful professions in the country.
4 percent of mental health counselors say their job is stressful, according to Christie.
After a stressful period has passed, the body returns to a state of normalcy and many of the systems that were activated during the stressful period calm down.