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These secrets some doctors, perhaps, have in their possession--and if we know that this is not so when we are healthy, we may well think otherwise when we are stressfully ill.
Although specialists in American Indian history are already aware that state and tribal governments' relationships with the national government were stressfully intertwined at the very beginnings of the United States, Cumfer explicitly demonstrates how the Chickamaugan Cherokees' reformulation of diplomatic kinship actually interfaced with Tennesseean Americans' own redefinition of their political ties to the new nation.
What is worse for Elinor and Marianne: stressfully intimate or crashingly dull conversations?
As individuals, we can apply general semantics principles (especially "structural similarity"--recognizing patterns) to help us structure, unravel, simplify, and make sense of many of our human-made complexities, so that we can more intelligently and less stressfully deal with them.
Indeed many plants stop performing photosynthesis due to the stressfully high temperatures.
An English teacher since 1967, I retired in 2003 in order to care for, less stressfully, my disabled daughter (hemiplegic, epileptic).
When the milch-cow had come to the milking point, the entrance door closed stressfully (Bruckmaier & Hilger, 2001).