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In support of this possibility is evidence that the cord stretch receptors have different effects on motor output when they are activated in groups rather than singly (Drummond and Macmillan, 1997).
Phase-dependent influences of wing stretch receptors on flight rhythm in the lcust.
A preparation of isolated stretch receptor was used for in vitro experiments.
Because large (75%) amount of blood is in the venous system so this effect predominates, and there is a decrease in right sided filling pressure and hence the intracardiac stretch receptors reflexly decrease heart rate16.
GI tract distension and stasis: GI, particularly duodenal, distension triggers stretch receptors in the gut wall, stimulating vagal afferent pathways to the CPG.
6-8] In normal breathing after a particular degree of stretching or even before this, stretch receptors in alveoli are stimulated and send information to the respiratory centers so that exhalation sets in.
Our findings that more patients in whom pencil-point spinal needles are inserted either respond to or acknowledge having experienced sensation at the moment of thecal penetration provides strong clinical evidence that the lumbar meninges are well supplied with sensory stretch receptors.
Either strips or, to increase the active area of the sensor rolled-up strips of DEAP material are placed on moving joints on the limb, mimicking functions of the chordotonal organ and muscle, strand and stretch receptors (1 on the right in Fig 2).
Failure of blood pressure sensors in the arteries or stretch receptors in the stomach (which alert other parts of the body that eating is under way) can lead to postprandial hypotension.
In additional experiments, Al-Anzi and his colleagues found that although the leucokinin neuropeptide is found exclusively in the brain, the leucokinin receptor is found in neurons located in both the brain and the foregut-an area of the gut that contains stretch receptors known to be responsible for monitoring meal size in other insects.
Bronchopulmonary stretch receptors (influenced by Hering-Breuer receptors) that are located on the smooth muscle of intrapulmonary airways, gauge the depth of a breath and attempt to regulate alveolar overinflation.
Sara Diaz and her col leagues in the study proposed that stretch receptors in pulmonary veins release hypovolemia-mediated signals and trigger maximal secretion of antidiuretic hormone.