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Stretch reflex spatial threshold measure discriminates between spasticity and rigidity.
Neuromuscular responses to the stretch reflex were measured by EMG measurement of the rectus femoris (RF) and vastus lateralis (VL) muscle.
The physiologic role of the stretch reflex is to help a muscle maintain a steady state.
The definition of spasticity most often used notes that spasticity is a motor disorder, with increased excitability of the stretch reflex, leading to a velocity-dependent increase in tone as part of the upper motor neuron syndrome.
So, the stretch reflex chills out -- leaving you pain-free and able to stretch farther.
1998) Reduced stretch reflex sensitivity and muscle stiffness after long-lasting stretch-shortening cycle exercise in humans.
Absence of stretch reflex gain enhancement in voluntarily activated spastic muscle.
A common method for eliciting a reflex is to grasp the hands and pull them apart--this potentiates the stretch reflex and H-reflex (Delwaide and Toulouse, 1980; Dowman and Wolpaw, 1988).