stretch the meaning

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He says Whole Foods' standards have helped clean up the market, but there are still less scrupulous companies that stretch the meaning of the word organic to include petroleum-based oils and nonorganic palm and coconut oils that make up the base of many personal care products.
I have tried to do that as Foreign Secretary and since, but I realise now that the task has become futile: trying to stretch the meaning of words beyond what was credible, and trying to pretend there was a common policy when every step forward risked being subverted by some casual comment.
That result was the only real shock - to stretch the meaning of the word to its limits - on the night, with bookmakers accurately anticipating the outcomes.
At least two of these cases stretch the meaning of "education" beyond schooling to include Sunday schools or proselytizing classes--those from China and Saudi Arabia.
And while some courts have allowed policyholders to stretch the meaning of "accident," other courts enforce the plain meaning of insurance policies and refuse to allow intentional acts that cause the intended consequences to be treated as accidents.
They would not try to stretch the meaning or implications of evidence.
But he coaches them for fun, which is to stretch the meaning of the word to its limit.
These breakups stretch the meaning of divorce, since each thriving female keeps a harem of males on her territory.
The Department simply lacks the authority to stretch the meaning of the words 'gainful employment' to justify the Department's goal to limit Title IV funding available to students who choose to attend career colleges.
Each year, our presidents will march into the big room and, to much partisan applause, lay before Congress an exhaustive list of policy proposals, many of which stretch the meaning of the words "necessary and expedient" in the Constitution - but they do not have the power to demand compliance with their goals.
for example, the court said, "While activity directed at one customer seems to stretch the meaning of advertising, Black's Law Dictionary's definition of 'advertise' encompasses any form of solicitation, presumably including solicitation of one person.