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In the past five years, Huang and collaborators at the University of Illinois have developed electronics with about 50 percent stretchability, but this is not high enough for many applications.
This report will show the prediction of stretchability using a table tenter, and the test results of film thickness uniformity using a sequential and biaxially oriented stretching machine.
Material improvements in terms of strength and stretch percentages will stimulate gains as greater stretchability lowers costs by enabling pallets and other products to be wrapped with less film.
Stretchability of the coating and elimination of film breaks is dependent on extensional viscosity.
Today, Silverton opts for La Brea Bakery sourdough country white bread with cave-aged Gruyere from Switzerland, which has a strong depth of flavor and bite, along with a certain stretchability.
Using the Halo Effect and Falling Dart tests, executives saw improvements in chipping (hardness decreased 25%), consistency (up 18%) and stretchability (up 38%) with the addition of Lycra.
In "Banana Split for my Baby," Lehan-Siegel made the most of her stretchability, punning the song title with "Lindy hop" splits.
Over a week or two there often is a noticeable change in stretchability.
Through a uniquely developed synthetic material, these gloves provide extraordinary elasticity to eliminate hand stress for maximum stretchability and productivity, while ensuring a precise sense of touch for safety in the lab environment.
But what if you decide to continue your experiment by testing the stretchability of different brands of no-fat mozzarella?
based Malden Mills, is a knitted plush textile whose wickability, softness, plushness, stretchability, windblocking capability, mildew-resistance and quick-drying properties, have been embraced by Patagonia, L.