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Each subject intentionally contracted the antagonist of the target muscle in a standing position once every second so that the target muscle was stretched.
Analyzed flow and heat transfer due to a horizontal surface stretched exponentially in two lateral directions.
One of these processes is uniaxial stretching, a procedure which produces anisotropic qualities in the stretched product; as a result, the mechanical properties of the plastic film in the stretching direction are improved.
Ballistic stretching incorporates bouncing movements in which the muscles and tendons are rapidly stretched and relaxed (Garber et al.
Following this initial stretching period, participants in stretch group 1 reduced the frequency of stretching to three times per week and those in stretch group 2 stretched once a week for a further six weeks.
According to a recent article in The New York Times, scientists have found that static stretching before exercise can reduce strength in the stretched muscles by about 5.
In order to affect the anatomic length of a healthy muscle over time, it is theorized that it must be stretched bevond the viscoelastic limits to initiate plastic change and create minor muscle damage.
the point of tolerable pain) was acknowledged by the subject, who was instructed to relax while the stretched position was maintained for 30 or 60 sec.
They exhaled and stretched forward as far as possible with one hand over the other and finger tips in line and held the end point for 2 seconds.
The researchers reported that stretching neither prevented nor caused injuries; however the risk of injury increased the most among runners who normally stretched but stopped stretching, while those who normally did not stretch but started stretching also were at increased risk.
The researchers found that there was no difference in the risk of injury for those who stretched before running and those who did not.
When the runners stretched, their average running distance was 3.