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Instead, they are linked by another stretchy ligament that lets the two sides move apart.
Activities using manipulatives required the students to toss a beanbag from hand to hand, play woodblocks with a mallet and pull a stretchy band back and forth.
For thin, stretchy films, apply a negative tension taper, starting high, dropping rapidly, and flattening as the roll gets full.
From the waist up he is boyishly taut and lifted, yet stretchy and surprisingly double-jointed in the limbs.
Published on the anniversary of Mexican Independence Day, the country where rubber was first put to practical use, this fun, flexible book celebrates the history of the world's most bouncy, stretchy, naughty, squeaky, biodegradable and renewable material.
In 1931, a mini-manufacturing revolution took place when a new blend of elastic and cotton fibers allowed suppliers to create stretchy and washable bras, which pumped life into a dismal Depressionera undergarments industry.
Recognizing that yoga can be as much about sweating as serenity, clothing designers employ stretchy, moisture-wicking polyester blends instead of cotton, which, while softer, tends to cling and chill when it gets wet.
The toy is a liquid-filled ball attached to a stretchy cord with a finger loop at the end.
Made from 60% Polyester, 3 er, 3 er 3% Cotton and 7% Spandex it's naturally stretchy and its soft supportive cups fit sizes B-DD.
NOR'EASTER JEANS combine stretchy denim with stretchy fleece so that the fabrics move together to enable a fit that is both less restrictive and tighter fitting than lined jeans made from conventional denim and flannel.
A spokesman for Bhs said its extra stretchy Dream Jeans were selling fast.
The diapers feature an innovative design with stretchy sides to deliver quick-changing and a close, comfy fit, while offering the brand's trusted leakage protection.