strict isolation

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That person will be put under strict isolation measures.
Consequently, Moody's ratings assume that both entities are managed in strict isolation of each other.
Starting on June 12, we put her under strict isolation and banned even her parents from entering her ward," Dr.
Health and safety precautions would be put in place, including strict isolation of suspected cases; adequate sterilising procedures and facilities provided and protective clothing, including masks and gloves, would be worn by those in contact with horses.
He is now being kept in strict isolation in a sealed unit that stops any possible contact with other inmates.
In 2006, the British Racing School graduate was confined to a sterile bubble and placed in strict isolation to help her fight the illness.
Even after the six-year-old had a life-saving bone marrow transplant his devoted parents could not spontaneously hug or kiss him because he had to live in strict isolation in a "bubble" to protect his new immune system.
The doctors only gave it a 30 to 40 per cent chance of it working and we were told Rhys would be in a bubble for up to nine months afterwards," he said, describing the grim prospect of their boy being kept in strict isolation in sterile ward while being unable to so much as give him a kiss.
Because in Pakistan, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is an important differential diagnosis for hemorrhagic fever, most patients seen at AKUH received care in strict isolation and were empirically treated with ribavirin.
Have staff members providing care to residents with flu-like symptoms follow strict isolation procedures, wearing gloves, facial masks, and gowns as needed.
Lubroth said control measures in the outbreak areas should include "humane culling, strict isolation and, if and when appropriate, vaccination".
Strict isolation, hygiene, cleansing and disinfection are required to stop the spread of disease.