strictly to the letter

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There is a contract for the FAP which was crafted mainly by the Philippine Navy and it will be implemented strictly to the letter," Andolong said.
In 2012, Jewish Week said after visiting the schools: "When it comes to church-state separation, these schools adhere strictly to the letter of the law.
Well, OK - except this is an organization that routinely adheres strictly to the letter of the law, no matter how deserving a student-athlete's case.
As governor, Graham adhered so strictly to the letter and the spirit of Florida's Sunshine- in-Government Act that he even made his goofy diaries available for public inspection.
For if the Irish authorities act strictly to the letter of the law there will be no Guinness sponsored All-Ireland hurling championship on TV - at least until after 10pm.
Nonplussed ITV summariser David Pleat moaned: "He's refereeing it too strictly to the letter of the law.