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Successful implementation of strictness is reflected in the reduction and prevention of crime; not in the exercise of harshness towards citizens while crime rates continue to rise.
Upon hearing Wednesday's ruling, the policemen, who attended the session, erupted in rejoicing, shouting: "Allah Akbar" The ministry had previously said that allowing policemen to wear a beard violates the regulations, which require strictness and observing a certain appearance.
However, when Macedonia is up next to be reviewed by Brussels, the strictness of the European institutions, which is increasing each year, will be poured on Macedonia.
When it comes to citizens' security, nothing can be expected from the government but strictness and decisiveness," he said as he received, in the presence of parliament chairman Dr Khalifa Al Dhahrani and Shura Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh, senior officials at Gudaibiya Palace.
Having arrived at the 'Tec', all the masters gave us a good lesson in all subjects and despite the strictness we learned a lot.
3 Figure in brackets indicates strictness of ref in relation to 20 refs on Select Group and indiscipline of teams in relation to 12 Scottish Premier League teams
Describing the topological theory of integrable Hamiltonian systems at a level of strictness sufficient for self-dependent applications, Zotev (Moscow Power Engineering Institute) here further advances the work of A.
Mrs Lodge, 56, from Shelley, said: "Nora had a strictness to her.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) publishes an '"Overall Strictness of Employment Protection" index that allows us to categorize countries as rigid or flexible.
After he succeeded Abu Bakr, he said of himself: I became aware that the people have come to fear my strictness and my firmness.
The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, said the swift action taken by Maehara underscores the contentious political divide in parliament, as well as the strictness of the donations law in Japan.
The Overall Strictness of Employment Protection index provides a measure of the overall strictness of the labor market in a country with respect to the processes and costs involved when firing workers or hiring temporary employees.