strike back

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Looking to the future, would he be interested in Strike Back series five?
Both will undoubtedly receive a boost from Strike Back, which also stars Andrew Lincoln, Jodhi May, Colin Salmon and Shelley Conn, and has gone down well with critics and viewers alike.
One memo said that Project Strike Back, one of many post-9/11 programs used by the FBI to identify potential terrorists, was created because the Bush administration believed that terrorists were trying to raise funds "from criminal activity such as identity theft and credit card fraud:' Its reasoning was that individuals who often engage in those illegal activities also abuse student loan and other federal programs.
Strike Back was in runner-up spot when falling two out at Gowran Park last month in the race won by the smart novice Sir Oj.
Strike Back looks the best of our raiders on the opening day of the Grand National meeting and can land the final race on the card, the Martell Cognac Makro Mersey Novices' Hurdle (5.
continue to strike back in the only way left to them: terrorist reprisals by desperate, heartbroken men and women.
A report in The IHT says PM Sharon has informed the Bush administration that he plans to strike back if Iraq attacks Israel.
Blow, How High, The Anniversary Party, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,
8) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Kevin Smith's straight buffoons make for great gay comedy.
Zoolander (12); Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (18); Atlantis (sat/sun only) (PG); Christmas Carol (U); 51st State (18);
But, "attempts by CEOs to strike back at analysts by limiting access, threatening legal suits, or by making public comments almost always backfire.