strike hard

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HISTORY: Hugo Chander, left, and Anthony Crank perform Strike Hard for Liberty Picture: PAUL HEAPS
The War on Terrorism will strike hard at the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
People die and sustain serious injuries in crashes often because their heads strike hard, upper interior parts of their vehicles.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) -Iraq continues with its armed forces and the unity of its people and with the support of its friends, to strike hard on the sleeper cells of Daesh terrorist organization," President Fuad Masum said.
Yet once the decision was taken to send in armed police they had to strike hard and fast.
Even though today leprosy is classified as a rare kind of disease, also availability of significant amount of medication has made the condition less stressful; yet this deadly microbe doesn't hesitate to strike hard, around 200,000 people a year, mostly in Brazil, India and other developing nations.
China's leaders have vowed to strike hard at religious extremists and separatist groups, which they blame for a series of violent attacks in Xinjiang, the traditional home of the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority.
The Chinese government will strike hard against them in accordance with the law," Qin said.
Observers believe the new visa system will strike hard at the economy of Buraimi, especially the real estate sector, as well as local trade.
Music The Anonymous Tour featuring Stray From The Path with special guests Backtrack, Gideon, No Bragging Rights, Rescuer, Great American Ghost and Strike Hard, 6 p.
I guarantee you that if we are called upon to strike, we will strike hard and we will strike fast," Mabus said.