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In order to demonstrate a tourist-based conversation within a limited setting, the tech staff had to string together six high-end PCs, a server and a database of 23,000 words.
At a Baghdad conference examining the profound importance of the work, the writer Amjad Tawfiq said that "what distinguishes this novel from others is its ability to weave a string of pearls on which love and war are string together.
Senate offices: The system will "sort through the Senator's position papers on [relevant] issues, string together prefabricated paragraphs from its data bank, and then fuse them into a coherent, seemingly personalized whole that would be sent as a response.
Using that as a premise, the authors string together themed chapters drawing from figures such as Napoleon, the Wright Brothers, Mar tin Luther King Jr.
We still need to string together some results, especially at home," he said.