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On the other hand, it is no secret that Iran's current stringency contributes to blocking the way to all peaceful initiatives and efforts (among them those exerted by Turkey, which does not want - despite everything its most recent stances have been charged with - to fall into a state of open conflict with the United States or with Israel).
The answers were designed to assess the relative stringency of dam safeguards arrangements in different types of PFIs and, thus, to shed light on the incoherence hypothesis outlined above.
Inexpensive computer-based neuropsychological testing has increased detection of neurologic deficits following concussion, and this has increased the conservatism and stringency of guidelines, emphasizing the potential dangers of immediate return-to-play.
Much of the group's spiritual discipline--including daily Mass and prayer, regular instruction from a spiritual "director," weekly confession, and, for some, "mortifications" (self-flagellation)--evokes the stringency common in religious orders before the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).
Reducing PCR stringency for ypmA yielded a 237bp amplicon, which resulted from mispriming of oligonucleotides on the Y.
We augment Gawande and Bandyopadhyay's model with an additional equation for environmental policy stringency.
The differences reflect the varying stringency of national targets, the assortment of approaches being used to meet national targets, and the allocation of emissions (mostly carbon dioxide) under each national program.
Neither systematic stringency nor stylistic devices contrive to hold this lengthy book together, so it tends to fall apart into its different chapters.
New York, NY) has patented an isolated nucleic acid encoding KIAA0918, an isolated nucleic acid that hybridizes under high stringency conditions to a nucleic acid that is complementary to a nucleic acid encoding KIAA0918, a purified KIAA0918 protein, a purified protein encoded by a nucleic acid that hybridizes under high stringency conditions to a nucleic acid that is complementary to a nucleic acid encoding KIAA0918, a method of making KIAA0918 protein, an antibody specific for KIAA0918, a method for producing an antibody specific for KIAA0918 protein, a vector comprising a nucleic acid encoding KIAA0918, and a host cell transformed with a vector comprising a nucleic acid encoding KIAA0918.
And in 1893 another circular [the famous Panic Circular] was sent out, that I saw myself, advising the banks of this country, those to whom they dared send it, to bring on a stringency in order to produce a general request on the part of the business men all over the country to appeal to Congress for certain legislation that should favor the bankers.
But instead of trying to close that demand gap, the planners have been doing their best to widen it with their bank purging and fiscal stringency policies.
We had a very extensive exercise in looking at every cost to see whether it could be reduced, and I felt at a time of financial stringency, taking a reduction in my own salary was the honourable thing to do.