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Reliable s cGMP MES Buffer is manufactured following stringent cGMP guidelines in a newly constructed and qualified manufacturing suite at their US facility.
Our concern is to see whether (the new EPA standard) is stringent enough to require a rate of progress equal to what we were achieving.
Such a list would be very useful if further, more stringent, restrictions on gun ownership - or gun owners - are contemplated the next time someone misuses a gun in a flamboyant and tragic way.
Ray Gomez, a spokesman for Disneyland, called the law ``one of the most stringent theme-park laws in the country, if not the most stringent,'' and said Disneyland officials are eager to see it fully implemented.
Where children under age six reside (the old law was more stringent than the Federal law and went to age seven), owners must fix any peeling paint or deteriorated surfaces in pre-1960 housing.
AFM President Sam Goldberg says, "This recognition assures that architects and building contractors specifying AFM Safecoat products with the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification can help achieve the most stringent indoor air quality objective in North America.
He is expected to press his case for more stringent price controls and other relief from FERC.
With the already stringent life safety building codes imposed on commercial buildings, 1993 has seen a growing concern for life safety in New York City's residential buildings.
The triplexer module includes an integrated high end video receiver which meets the most stringent requirements in the industry, such as class leading CNR performance at low optical input levels down to -8 dBm, combined with low distortion levels at full channel loading.
The demonstrators in Ventura included environmentalists who say the rules don't go far enough and farmers and farm workers who say they are too stringent.
Finally, it should be noted that the enactment of this new state law does not preclude municipalities from adopting their own, more stringent local ordinances.