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This is the traditional system of stringing together several sets of the same exercise before moving on to the next exercise.
Despite the fact that much of this is well-known history, O'Reilly has performed a singular service by stringing together the racist Jeffersonian litany--made famous in his book, Notes on the State of Virginia, which claimed that people of color were scientifically "proven" inferior and, in some cases, were more ape than human.
Without congressional action, we foresee the OCC stringing together authority with decisions that permit national banks to participate in negotiating sale transactions on behalf of real estate investors and authorize national banks to engage in full service real estate brokerage free from controls and protections established by state and local laws," said Stevens.
I'm talking about stringing together points of games where we're executing like we were last night and the game before that,'' Bryant said.
The molding cycle can be configured step-by-step by stringing together a number of predefined symbols.
They created a synthetic gene by stringing together 21 fragments representing all four parasite stages.
Or the viewer, who wanders among the separate images, stringing together a new whole each time he or she looks?