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com/apple-airpods-can-catch-fire-new-headphones-batteries-can-ignite-if-not-recycled-2463770) little more than a week after their release , Reuters reported that the batteries inside the AirPods were capable of exploding if recycled the same way as the old stringy version.
Overall winner Woolworths Stringy Mozzarella Cheese by Fairfield DairyFirst runner-up Simba Lays Deli Kettle Cooked ChipsSecond runner up Simba Lays Popped
If green beans have gone stringy, they are still going to be stringy when you get them out of the freezer in a month's time.
If your green beans have gone stringy, they are still going to be stringy when defrosted.
QI WOULD love some advice on my heathers, which are long, stringy and don't actually produce that many flowers.
The 28-year-old, who is married to footballer Wayne Rooney, said that she doesn't want to wear anything tight around her hips and thin, stringy, tie-side briefs aren't flattering so she always go for big bikini bottoms, Mirror reported.
His unstructured felt hat and stringy unwashed hair reek of condescension, the hatred so palpable even his mini dog is trying to get away.
Loste Grand Saloir Restauration created the first Italian-style recipe with melted, stringy mozzarella, its house ham without polyphosphates, tomatoes and basil.
The design of Flygt N-hydraulics allows pass through of stringy solids without clogging.
The white, stringy "cobwebs" were first observed in October 2011 among fuel assemblies submerged 12 to 17 feet in the site's L Area basin, where aging nuclear materials from foreign and domestic research reactors are stored and guarded.
To do it right, you need to cut the vegetable open, and pull out that stringy gunk by hand.
All the staff were on the floor looking for something stringy.