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Their stringy muscles seemed founts of inexhaustible energy.
It was composed of stringy filaments saturated with water, like the berries, and devoid of nourishment.
Sherman was a lanky, lean old man, with stooping shoulders, a stringy neck, and blue- tinted glasses.
She belonged to the type which always has a stringy black feather in its hat and straggling locks of hair on its neck.
For it was unquestionably true that down the middle of the entrance guarded by the man in gold lace, actually between the arrogant, stretched legs of that colossus, ran a stringy pattern of grey footprints stamped upon the white snow.
This other man was shorter of leg and longer of arm, with muscles that were stringy and knotty rather than rounded and swelling.
They could get no fowls; old, purplish, stringy cocks were all they had for roasting and boiling.
All too often overcooked to a stringy grey mush, rhubarb is at its best when perfectly poached and served with a fat dollop of clotted cream.
Nikki Sanders, 30, was picking at her daughter's Happy Meal when she saw the "pink stringy thing" sticking out of the meat.
The beef was good too - nice and tender, without being too soft or stringy.
going, before all the produce turns soft and stringy, and school lets
Rub the pumpkin seeds in your hands under running water over a colander to wash away the stringy pulp.